About Me

My name is Toshiharu Nishina. I was born in 1989.
I am backend engineer. In addition, I am interested in automated developping strategy such as DevOps or IaC which uses docker or ansible. I study them for private.
I want to be an engineer who has not only a high technorogy skills but also knowledge about whole systeme architecture.
Aside from programming, I have done Kendo from elementary school student to university student. We got third place for team competition when I was junior hisgh school student. I was a manager of Kendo club when I was high school student.


2008 - 2012: I studied about an electric power system in Meiji University. I used Fortran for programming.

2012 - 2014: I studied about Natural Language Processing in University of Tokyo and got master degree for computer science. I used Python for programming

2014 - 2017: I am working in Rakuten Inc. I mainly use Java and PL/SQL.

2017 - present: I am working in Space Market Inc. I mainly use Rails and React.


Java: I use Spring boot, which is one of the framework of Java. I use thymeleaf for creating view.

Ruby: I have created web services with Rails and scraping scripts

React.js: I am developing the web service with Rails and React.js


Here is my products. You can see the detail by clicking the image.


Blog Manage

The detail of portfolio

URL: https://nishina555.github.io/

Code: https://github.com/nishina555/nishina555.github.io

Description:This is my portfolio. I utilize responsive design.

Utilization technology:I use mainly HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. I use glid system of Bootstrap for creating design of the page.

The detail of Blog manage

URL: https://blogsmanage.herokuapp.com/

Code: https://github.com/nishina555/blog_manage

Description: This is management sample app for blogs, entries, and comments.

Utilization technology : Rails, Bootstrap, Slim, Scss. I don't use scaffold but create the CRUD page by myself.


Work out

I love workout. Each training period is not so long time but I try to go to gym everyday. My goal is to lift up 100kg for bench press.


I have opportunities to speak English for woking so I take English lesson with skype and I often watch English drama like Friends.


I love going to food shop which I never go to.I refer Tabelog, which is one of the famous Japanese web site to decide the shop. I don't have any paticular dislike food.

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